The Center is a small nonprofit [501(c)3] organization, an all-volunteer collaborative of philosophical and pop culture thinkers who embrace a mind-expanding agenda for the 21st century. We theorize media, culture, and human destiny — via the artistic and philosophical merger of technology, ecology, and cosmology. 

We humans face the paradox of our greatest accomplishment — we have discovered a vast, ancient, and majestic universe in which we are utterly insignificant and perhaps meaningless. That's why we explore the merger of art and technology, the ideas of classic films and TV shows, the existential effects of media technologies, and the meaning of our existence in a universe of which we are not the center — in hopes of theorizing a better and more meaningful destiny for humanity on Spaceship Earth. We are post-political in that we realize the best long-term solutions must first address our deepest existential conditions. Artistic and existential media theory, that's what we do. Join us

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