The Center is a small think tank, home to a collection of philosophical and pop culture thinkers who embrace a mind-expanding agenda for the 21st century. We create cosmic media theory to better theorize, critique, and understand technological and human destiny on Spaceship Earth. 

Imagine exploring the fate of our species, the ideas of films and artworks, the existential effects of media technologies, and the meaning of our existence in a vast universe, of which we are not the center — in hopes of theorizing a better destiny for humanity and our planet. That's what we do. We're about the big futures. Join us.



Since there is much information at our site, it is easy to feel overwhelmed or wonder where to begin. To best understand the Center and its ongoing projects, here are easy steps we recommend:


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If you want to learn more about our projects, read below or click on the links in the right sidebar. 

Click on logo for more information.New Book Series: Cosmic Media Theory. This pocket-sized book series critiques the ways that media and human destiny in the vast universe are depicted in the art, film, science, technology, and pop culture of the 21st century. Styled to be small in size and price, yet packed with big ideas, the books offer engaging critiques of contemporary culture and the big futures. In development, the series is set to be in print for Fall 2015.

Click on cover for more information.Book on the Big Futures. Our first book, The End of the World — Again (2012), critiqued the apocalyptic destinies that are proliferating in the media and culture of the new millennium. The book inspired a symposium and apocalyptic art exhibit. 

Other Projects: Our associates have authored publications, hosted panels and events, reviewed various artworks and films, and a produced an international award-winning experimental film.

Resources. We provide intellectual and historical resources for critical thinking about human destiny, such as links to relevant TED Talks, books, films, essays, and websites. 


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