These are recent essays — involving cosmic media theory — published by associates of C•MAD.

Yearning to Be the Center of Everything When We Are the Center of Nothing, by Barry Vacker and Genevieve Gillespie, 2013.

• What's the existential meaning of social media and space telescopes? This essay faces the existential truth. 

The Cosmic Meaning of the Zombie Apocalypse, by Barry Vacker, 2013. 

• Are zombies the symbols of anti-science and anti-intellectualism in our culture?

Black Holes in the Electronic Galaxies: Metaphor for Resistance in the Information Society, by Barry Vacker and Agreen Wang, 2013.

• What's the future of resistance to total surveillance: democracy or disappearance?

Space Age Media Theory, by Barry Vacker, 2012.

• Has media and cultural theory met the challenges posed in President Kennedy's famed "moon speech" of 1962?

Roaming the Cosmos, by Agreen Wang 2012

• What are some of the effects of extending our electronic consciousness into the universe?


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