SPACE TIMES SQUARE (2007, remastered in 2014)

This 24-minute film is a mind-bending tour of Times Square and the existential and cosmic meanings of our global media environments. imdb

Writer/Director: Barry Vacker

Producers: Jo Ann Caplin, Senior Fellow, Univ. of Pennsylvania; Olivia Antsis, Director, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival. Producer of Chinese version: Xiaolin Yu.

Original Music ScoreBrett Sroka, composer/musician.

Narration: Jamie Lee



2010 John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology

• awarded by the Media Ecology Association at their 2010 Annual Convention.

• previous winners include Jerome Agel for The Medium is the Massage (CD/audio book) and Douglas Rushkoff for The Merchants of Cool, documentary for PBS Frontline.


2011 McLuhan's Philosophy of Media Centennial Conference, Brussels.

photo of Barry introducing the film.

2010 11th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association, The University of Maine.

2009 International Conference of the Institute of General Semantics, Fordham Univ. NYC. 

2009 First Person Arts Salon, Univ. of the Arts, Philadelphia Arts Bank.

photo from the after-party (Gail, Barry, and Leigh Ann, the best margarita maker in Philly)

2009 Monkey Town Art and Video Performance Space, NYC.

photo of the film production team (L-R: Gail Bower, Olivia Antsis, Barry Vacker, Jamie Lee) at Monkeytown.

• the film was projected on four screens at once, in a cube-style theater. 

2009 Tulsa Living Arts, New Genre Festival XVI, Circle Cinema, Tulsa.

2008 Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival, Hamburg, Vicious Art Gallery.

2008 Student Film Festival, Professional Exhibition, Communication Univ. of China, Beijing.

• photos from two jam-packed screenings: 1 | 2

2008 Cinema Du Reel Festival, Centre Pompidou, Videotheque, Paris.

2008 21st Dallas Video Festival, Angelika Film Center, Dallas.

2008 Third Annual Global Temple Conference, Temple University, Philadelphia.

2007 Int'l Digital Media Arts Annual Conference, Fuel Gallery, Philadelphia.

• exhibit: iDEAs 07: Beyond Boundaries; catalogue.


Comments from artists, writers, academics, and students.


2010 TUTV, Temple University cable channel (Comcast). Fall; telecast numerous times.

2010 The Maine Channel, The University of Maine cable channel, Summer

2009 University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Jarice Hanson’s graduate media theory course, Fall 2009.

2009 Ursinus College, Kelly Mendoza’s “Media and Society” course.

2008 Cabrini College, Radnor, PA, Kevon Glickman’s music and media class, Spring 2008.


Film has been viewed or downloaded over 6000 times via Google, Youtube, Bit Torrents, etc.