SPECTER OF THE MONOLITH: Nihilism, the Sublime, and Human Destiny in Space — From Apollo and Hubble, to 2001, Star Trek, and Interstellar.

Book: Coming Spring 2017

By Barry Vacker

An exciting and radically original critique of how humans have confronted the vastness of the cosmos -- via art, media, science, culture, and the greatest space films. Original and thought-provoking, the book asks questions such as: 1) Why don't we have the sleek space hotels of 2001? 2) Why did the Apollo 8 astronauts read Genesis on TV? 3) What's the meaning of the monolith in 2001 and Gargantua in Interstellar? 4) Why is Michael the most popular moonwalker on Earth? 5) Should Mars and the moon be protected as Celestial Parks, 6) Is space tourism the best space narrative for the human species?

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Producer: Haigen Pearson

Voice: Brooke Storms


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