The Center for Media and Destiny is a one-of-a-kind organization, for our mission is to map, critique, and theorize media and destiny — human, planetary, and cosmic. We are dedicated to theorizing a better tomorrow for our species, a secular and long-term destiny grounded in the cultural merger of cosmology, ecology, and technology. Of course, this seems crazy, impossible, and the work of dreamers, right? What better reasons could we have? That's why we need your support.


Barry Vacker founded the Center by contributing royalties from his innovative text anthology, Media Environments. A textbook for the 21st century, Media Environments is based on a simple concept: combine movies with texts to critique media and society. This anthology merges cosmic media theory with critical media studies to teach university-level courses on "Media and Society."

This seed capital got the Center started, but to expand the scale and impact of our projects, we need ongoing support from generous friends like you.


Here's why:

• expand your mind

• embrace some cosmic cultural theory

• imagine and help realize better worlds in the future

• support our books, publications, art exhibit, cool events, and the resources at this site

• help our ideas reach beyond the classroom and across culture and disciplines

• help make our destinies just a little more desirable and meaningful

• and, have some fun! 

If you like the theories and projects we are exploring, then join our growing group of supporters. We create cool events, publish mind-bending works, and will provide modest awards to students exploring these topics in their projects. 


1. Membership. As the Center expands its activities, we’ll offer membership opportunities. Receive publications, discounts on events, and special members-only benefits. The details are forthcoming as the organization evolves.

2. Donations. Make a tax-deductible financial contribution to support our work. As listed at our website, the Center's projects include publications, art exhibits, short films, panel discussions, and other events. Donations of all sizes are critical to our work. If all you can offer is the equivalent of a (very salty) margarita, we’re delighted. Every little bit helps, and we’re grateful.

To make a contribution safely online, click the "Donate" button at the top above. You will be directed to PayPal, where you can use a credit card or PayPal account.

You may also send a check payable to the “Center for Media and Destiny” to 1352 South Street, #501, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Regardless of the dollar amount, we appreciate your support!

3. Your Time & Brains. Curious about how a think tank works? Wondering about your destiny? About the world beyond social media? We welcome volunteers and colleagues on short- and long-term projects. A few ideas:

Contribute content. Submit an essay, blogpost (occasional or regular), or work with us on podcasts. Your ideas will help expand our ideas.

Event. Help create and produce an event. It could be an evening panel or a multi-day symposium. One volunteer associate helped produce an event and curated an art exhibit. Another helped secure artists and panelists. How would you like to be involved?

Project. We welcome your ideas and participation on larger projects. Contact us if you would like to work on something or have an idea for a project to create under our auspices.

Note: The Center for Media and Destiny is just getting started and is a work in process, so please share your thoughts and suggestions about our site, the organization, and its projects.