These are videos feature or were produced by associates of C•MAD. We plan more short videos in the future, even though the existential messages reduce the chance any of our videos will go viral. To view videos, click on the titles.

The Cosmic Evolution of Selfies, 2015

• This three-minute was not produced by the Center, but by the Temple University Alumni Association. However, the videos feature Barry Vacker and cosmic media theory, as applied to selfies.

Electric Existence, 2014

• Produced by Christina Betz, this elegant two-minute video explores our place in the cosmos, per telescopes and electric light.

Space Times Square, 2007 (remastered in 2014)

• Written and directed by Barry Vacker, this 24-minute experimental video/film won an international award from the Media Ecology Association: The 2010 Award for Outstanding Praxis in the Field of Media Ecology. The film has screened in conferences and festivals around the world — in Beijing, Brussels, New York, Hamburg, Paris, Dallas, Tulsa, and Philadelphia. For more on Space Times Square, click here.

Barry Vacker discusses "Space Times Square" after a screening at the Marshall McLuhan Philosophy of Media Conference in Brussels, 2011.