An art-tech-theory project by Julia Hildebrand, Barry Vacker, and Brooke Storms. In development for 2019-2020 and will include mixed media installation, video, and a book.


Anthropocene—Media(s)cene. Layers of fossils—Layers of media technology. Ways of living—Ways of seeing.

If we are in the Anthropocene, then how can we not be in the Media(s)cene? If technological civilization has transformed the ecosystems on its host planet, Earth, then how can mediated civilization have not transformed the egosystems in its host species, human consciousness? If we have extended seeing technologies into the tiniest particles, into our bodies, all around the planet, and into the deepest regions of space, then how can our sight have not been transformed?

Media(s)cene is a model for a total media ecology, a project for this seeing this accelerating media evolution—on Earth, in space, to the cosmos of the 21st century. 

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