Interview 1

Barry Vacker and his book, The End of the World — Again, were featured in an interview on Wisconsin Public Radio's "To the Best of Our Knowledge." The interview aired April 6-7 (2013) on Public Radio International in 180 markets in this USA. To listen, click: The End of the World interview (11 minutes).

Thanks to Steve Paulson for being such a fabulous interviewer and to stellar producer Doug Gordon for the clever use of dialogue from the classic apocalyptic movie, Them (1954). Nice touch!

Note: There is also an extended interview at the Wisconsin Public Radio site, which includes some of the best stuff about the book.

Interview 2

Barry's was also interviewed about his book, Slugging Nothing: Fighting the Future in Fight Club. To listen, click here: Fight Club interview (12 minutes).

Thanks again to Doug Gordon for cleverly blending my dialogue with that of Brad Pitt, a.k.a "Tyler Durden." Pretty cool.


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