Edited by Barry Vacker

Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing, 2014

First edition, 2010; third edition, coming 2018.

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Media Environments is based on a simple concept: combine movies with texts to critique media and society in the 21st century. Using film as a gateway to critical readings, students learn to think creatively and critically about media, society, technology, and popular culture.

Rather than examine the media as separate industries or technologies, Media Environments explores the media in their totality and provides models and theories for interrogating many universal themes that span media and global culture. Using films such as The Hunger GamesFight Club and WALL-E as lead-ins, students are introduced to the works of well-known thinkers and writers such as Jean Baudrillard, Naomi Wolf, Neil Postman, Rebecca MacKinnon, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Julian Assange, Kalle Lasn, Stephen Hawking, and many others.